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2004-12-31 - 4:16 p.m.

New Year's Eve's Snow

It was 12:30 or so when I left my very cold house in Saitama, passport in hand, to travel down the same train tracks I rode up there all morning, only to see the snow falling down.

The thought made me smile. It really has been years since the last time I walked through the snow, an with good reason; it rarely snows on this side of Japan. Even when it does, it isn't much.

So, dragging my small travel bag behind me, I walked through the snowfall, watching as the wet snowflakes grew heavier and thicker. I imagined my dark hair peppered with white, my black bag dusted.

But as the snow grew heavier in those 15 minutes from the house to the station, and as the wind grew colder and the snow piled up, I wished I took my umbrella with me. (Sure, my umbrella is covered in dried coffee... feel free to ask..., so it would have been useless, but...)

Dusting and brushing off as much snow off my coat and hair, I frowned at how wet my hair got in those fifteen minutes. I would have to dry and hot-curl it when I get back to Cousin Carmen's.

And for those five, maybe ten minutes, I was feeling romantic over walking through the snowfall. The cold, however, had other ideas...

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